Why Your Washing Machine Refuses to Start

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Its Saturday morning and you have baskets of clothes needed to be washed before you go to a party or watch a new superhero movie. You want to get the chore done fast so you have time to rest before doing proceeding with another activity, but the washing machine just won’t start. Frustrating it certainly is, but don’t let the heat prevent you from troubleshooting the equipment.

The Power Source

The first thing you must check is the source of power. Is the machine properly plugged? Also, check if a circuit breaker has been tripped or if a fuse has been blown. Reset the breaker, replace the fuse or conduct any necessary fix (that is within your skills and knowledge), then restart the machine. Make sure the door shuts completely.

The Lid Switch

Your machine machines main control is the switch within the lid. Any problem with it can cause the washer to fail. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to resolve an issue with the switch, although you may have to remove the cover at the top of the machine to get into the lid switch. Press with switch while the power is on and listen closely for a click. The absence of a click means the switch is broken. You have to replace to have the washing machine running again.

If the washing machine won’t start even if the lid switch is alright, see if there is a fuse especially for it. Usually, it is in the control panel. A fuse blown will have to be replaced before the machine starts working properly again.

The Door Interlock

If it is connected to a power source and the lid switch is working, it could be the door interlock. You can assume this if the equipment won’t start even if the lights are on. This could be because of faulty wirings connected to the door interlock, or a defect on the door catch, causing it to lose connection to the interlock. For any of these reasons, it is advised to let the professional determine the real cause of the problem and run the essential repairs.

Timer Knob

In some washing machine models, you have to fill the washer with water until it reaches the selected level before the machine starts. If the knob of the mechanical timer isn’t aligned properly with the any of the available options, the machine will stay still.


You’re in the middle of washing, but with the next load, your machine just declines to start. If you’ve been running the machine for several loads already, without a break, the cause is probably overheating. Troubleshoot this by leaving the machine an hour or two to cool down before running another load. If it starts after an ample amount of rest, it means overheating caused the delay and shouldn’t happen if you’re not going to run too many cycles within an hour.

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