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16 July 2015

An Overview of Security Door and Screen Options

When it comes to the security of your family, you need to be certain. There are various ways to give your home an additional layer of protection; it all depends on your budget. Security doors and window screens aren’t the fanciest equipment out there, but they certainly can help prevent anybody from breaking into your home and putting your family at risk.

There are days where you just want the doors and windows left open to invite the warmth of the sun in and to welcome the gentle breeze of fresh air. However, by doing that, you can be sending out an invitation to thieves. The most fitting solution is to install a high-quality security door and window screens, in order for you to enjoy the natural air and light while keeping the place fortified.

Steel Doors

The degree of security that you need is reliant upon the type of neighborhood you’re in. If there’s a steady rate of burglary incidents or any form of home invasion, a steel door with a steel grille should be considered. Steel doors are considered the most effective option by industry experts. However, it must be properly constructed and installed to be effective. Look for a steel door that is approved by the Australian Standard to be assured that it’s resistant against corrosion and force. Make sure that the corners are reinforced. For quality installation, call and arrange a quote on 13TASK.

Aluminum Doors

If you simply want to give an impression of safety while keeping the insects out, you could do well with an aluminum door. Although it is weaker, it is more corrosion-resistant than steel. It is commonly-used as a window frame and its effectiveness relies largely on the quality of installation.


If possible, opt for locks that are 5-pin cylinder or are of an equivalent safety grade. Wafer locks are not advised for outdoor use as they can succumb to weather and be damaged. A 3-point lock is difficult to wrench back and spreads the force of a strike, making it difficult to break. Make sure the locks you buy for security doors come with a reasonable warranty.


The security door must have at least 3 hinges with rigid pins to prevent a break-in. For additional protection, opt for something that has a permanent steel pin connected into the leaf and not simply slotted in like a regular door. Security doors with recessed hinges are also more effective. If this is not available; choose something with hinges that are inaccessible when the door is closed to prevent tampering. You could also benefit well from a single hinge running along the extent of the door.

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