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6 Things to Ask Yourself before Buying an Evaporative Air Conditioner

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Evaporative air conditioning may be the newest kid in the block but before you make friends and invite it to your house for an extended stay, ask yourself these things first.

  1. How much work do you intend to give it? 

Calculate the sizes and number of rooms that you want to cool. The evaporative air conditioner must have the capacity to cool the entire area without slowly crashing in the process. Get the CFM number or cubic air per minute of the unit. There is a formula for finding the right CFM number but for accurate calculations, we would recommend the assistance of a qualified HVAC technician Melbourne.

  1. What are the other features that you are looking for?

The evaporative air conditioners in the market these days have different offerings. Some have energy saving controls and some produce less noise. Logically, a unit with more features comes with a higher price tag. Determine your priorities first so you won’t be bewildered when shopping.

  1. How much do you plan to spend on this appliance?

Evaporative air conditioning units vary in price. Often, pricier models have more features and longer lifespans. Weigh the features against the price. What’s an additional $200 if you can save on water and electricity for several years?

  1. Are you okay with the noise?

This type of appliance, just like conventional air conditioners, produces noise. Some are even louder than others. Units with an axial fan are noisier because the circular movement of air through the ducts creates more turbulence. Those installed with centrifugal fans are normally more discreet because air movement is straight.

  1. Are you looking for something eco-friendly?

Some models have higher energy efficiency. If you’re resolute on reducing environmental impact, look for a product with the highest energy efficiency.

  1. How is your home’s insulation?

Proper insulation reduces the pressure on air conditioners. Before installing cooling equipment, evaluate the condition of your home insulation first.

  1. Do you know a professional on evaporative air conditioning services?

It’s important that you know an evaporative air conditioning technician Melbourne who you can call for the repair and maintenance of your unit. Do not try to fix the unit if you are not a qualified technician to avoid causing more problems.


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