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13 August 2015

6 Energy Wasters You Aren't Aware Of

You’ve given up tumble drying and only watch TV until 9pm, but why is your energy bill still breaking through the ceiling?  Apparently, your sacrifices are in vain and money is still seeping out of your pockets. There could be a hundred reasons for this and we have listed down the 6 most overlooked and most vicious energy robbers in your home.

No Attic Insulation

When you combine the effect of drafty rooms with a complete lack of attic installation, you’ll end up with a steep energy bill. Keeping your attic insulated will prevent condensation that can cause wood deterioration and will stabilize the temperature below. A cellulose insulation is a sensible choice because it has been treated to become resistant to fire and infestation.

No Weather-stripping

Whatever you place in the attic won’t be able to help you keep a desired temperature if there are gaps around your doors and windows. You can check the air flow in your home by lighting sticks of incense and following the movement of the smoke. Hold them up again window and doors to see if there is a draft. Also check the areas where wires and pipes run and make sure they are sealed too.

Your Old Stuff

Appliances manufactured more than a decade ago aren’t as energy efficient as the ones made recently. Switch to products that have a five energy star rating and save as much as 20% of energy.  Incandescent bulbs haven’t changed since the 1930s, which means they’re no longer suitable for this age of intense energy demand. Use LED or fluorescent lights instead to save a huge amount of energy.

Your Unserviced Home Cooling/Heating System

When was the last time you called a professional to check your home’s cooling/heating system? If you can’t remember, chances are it’s your air conditioner or heater that’s been eating all the watts. Regular maintenance can help you avoid your energy efficiency slowly slipping. Make sure it’s in good working condition all the time; sign up for regular inspection with TaskForce.

Wrong-sized Appliances

Bigger isn’t always better. Evaluate the sizes of your equipment at home and decide if their sizes are just proportional to your needs. Using big equipment for small tasks is like flushing money down the drain because they use more energy to operate. It is advised to talk to an expert for a more precise calculation.

Your Not Using A Front-Loading Washer

Studies reveal that front loading washers use 50% less energy and 40% less water than typical washers. They are also gentler to clothes and can hold a larger load. Front-loading washers are generally more expensive than conventional models, with prices going around $600 to $1,500. But the projected annual utility bill savings is a lot higher than their cost.

Trimming your energy bill can be a tricky task. You might need the help of professionals in assessing your home’s total energy demand. TaskForce has tradesmen who can help you recognize those energy wasters and get rid of them. Get in touch with them by dialing 13TASK.