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03 December 2015

11 Simple Ways To Improve Your House

Improving your home and making it a little more livable doesn’t require a complete, expensive overhaul. There are plenty of small changes you can make to put the zap back into your home. You might also end up with a house that’s more valuable. It’s amazing what a few small changes can do to completely reinvent the impression your home has on guests.


Let’s have a look at some ideas for improving your home.


Remove ugly plants -

A lot of home improvement advice is about building – because people want to you to buy more things! But removing a couple of ugly plants can totally transform a garden. A lot of homes even have plants at their front doors that they leave there just because they’ve always been there! Getting rid of them can open your home up a lot and make things look great again.


Install a skylight or sun tube –

Natural light is a great way to improve a space. Something about the neon glow of regular lighting makes your eyes tired. But natural light will make you feel happier and healthier. Not only do skylight and sun tube make your place look great, they will also drastically reduce your electricity bill.


Hide your cords –

This is another one that often gets overlooked. If you can find a way to hide the cords your appliances use, (there are a bunch of different ways to do this) you can make you home look much neater and more spacious.


Install new taps –

Why not? A new set up taps might be just what you need to bring a bathroom or kitchen together.


Knock down dividers –

Room dividers are often unnecessary and are a waste of what could otherwise be a large, open room. Knock down dividers; it will completely change the first impression of that room.


Get a new front door –

Speaking of first impression, your front door is the best place to work on this. A new front door, or even just a new coat of paint, can really make your home seem more interesting, more inviting and more sophisticated.


Use wallpapers –

A relatively low risk, low investment way to remake a room is to put up new wallpaper. They come in a great variety of different styles, and can be removed or changed without too much hassle.


Light dimmers –

Everybody is impressed by light dimmers. They’re useful too; perfect for that awkward time at dusk when you don’t quite need the lights one. They’re great for setting the mood and, if you install the right ones, they’re more energy efficient than regular bulbs.


Paint your ceiling –

Every thought about it? This suits houses that have intricate roofwork most and although it can be a bold move, it often pays off beautifully.


Install a new splashback –

Replace your splashback with something a little more interesting and unique. This is the cheapest and best way to give your kitchen a totally new look and feel.


Use alcoves –

A lot of home and houses end up with little alcoves of space that people don’t have much use for. Well; use them. Set up a reading chair, open up a window. Nooks are wonderful spaces that shouldn’t just be overlooked.


Most of the times, small touches around the home can have a huge effect on the overall experience. You and your guests can really benefit from some ingenuity and hard work.