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Locked Out

Locked out of home? Can’t get into your apartment? Can’t get into your car?

Being locked out is certainly not fun. It’s super inconvenient and can sometimes even be dangerous.

If you are locked out and need a locksmith as soon as possible, call Taskforce on 13TASK to arrange for a locksmith to visit you and help you out. Though emergency calls may be more expensive, getting to safety and comfort is always worth it.

Locksmiths that visit you will let you in to your property and temporarily disable the lock system to allow entry. They will then install a new lock system or cut a new key as soon as is convenient for you.

Taskforce has locksmiths available Australia wide, from the big towns - Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth – to the smallest towns.

Card Access Systems

Electronic card access systems are an ideal solution for large scale businesses that require flexible lock systems. Swipe card are simple to use and flexible to program. They allow you to install a complex security system with a detailed hierarchy of access.

What are the main benefits of card access systems?

Smart cards are cheap to implement when compared to cutting metal keys. If keys are lost or the security of the system is compromised, the locks can be reprogrammed, rather than entirely replaced. They are also simple to use (swipe and go) and save time.

Can I program the cards?

We work with you to program you cards and locks.

Are they secure?

Absolutely. We use unique frequencies to prevent outsiders accessing your lock systems. Card systems are used in the highest-security institutions in the world because of their impenetrable security.

Taskforce has locksmiths who can install card access systems across Australia, from the major cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth – to the smallest towns. Give them a call on 13TASK.

Keyless Entry System for Homes

We’re all used to key remotes for our cars – these days almost all cars have them. But what about keyless entry for your home?

You might come back to your place late at night when it’s too dark to see the keyhole. Or maybe your hands are full and you can’t quite line up the key to its hole.

Keyless entry is the perfect solution. We have locksmiths that can install keyless entry systems.

Can you integrate a keyless entry system into my existing security system?

Yes, we can. Security is a priority for us, and we follow the best practice in the industry.

Can you integrate keyless entry into my home automation system?

Absolutely. Most home automation systems have this set up already. However, if you want a separate remote to access your house lock system, we can do that. We can also configure you automation program to allow keyless entry.


Taskforce has locksmiths with expertise in home keyless entry across Australia, from the major cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth – to the smallest rural towns.

Keyless Entry System for Cars

Keyless entry is a great way to simplify access to your car – a remote or automatic key wireless key that unlocks your car when in close proximity will make things easier for you and your family.

Nobody wants to be left out in the rain as the driver lazily approaches the door to unlock it for the rest of the family. Or maybe you have your hands full and can’t quite get the key into the lock. Maybe it’s dark. There are plenty of reasons why keyless entry is a good idea.

Let’s look at some common queries people have about keyless entry for their cars.

My new car didn’t come with key remotes. Can I order some?

Yes, you can. The information we need is the make, model and year of the car to check against our database.

I have an old car that is not keyless-entry enabled. Can I upgrade it?

Most often, yes. We can install automated systems in old cars to allow keyless entry. Although there are kits available online, this really requires professional know-how.

Taskforce has automotive locksmiths available Australia wide – from Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth to the smallest rural towns.

Master Keys

Keeping track of who owns keys to which part of your lock system can be difficult. For security reasons, you will sometimes need to limit the access that certain people are given, whilst other people in higher-up positions will need to be able to open all locks. To avoid key changes with 15 kilograms of keys attached, you can hire a locksmith to install a masterkey system. This allows certain people complete access to all locks within a system, whilst restricting the access of others.

Installing a masterkey system is complex, and will require thorough correspondence between you as the client and the locksmith.


Whether in the office, or at home – your important belongings need to be protected. You can hide them away in secret areas, but the kind of person who breaks in to steal things is the kind of person who knows where people are likely to hide their goods. A safe will last you a life time – a heavy duty safe will even protect your belongings from fire. They are a worthy investment. For you own personal goods, or for important or confidential documents in your office, safes are necessary.

If you want to purchase, install, upgrade or maintain a safe, you’ll need a certified locksmith. Safes are designed to be impervious to tampering, and can only be handled or installed by experts.

Need a safe? Buy a safe that will protect all of your valuables, confidential information or money. Fire proof, thief-proof and break-in proof.

Taskforce has locksmiths who are experienced working with safes available 24/7. Give them a call on 13TASK to hire a locksmith anywhere in Australia, from the major cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth – to the smallest Australian towns.

24 Hour Locksmith Service

Sometimes we can book an appointment with a locksmith, but other times we need one immediately. You might have locked yourself out of your apartment or your car, and ended up stuck in the middle of the street at midnight. Maybe you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of home with the oven still on and you require a 24/7 Locksmith.

There are times when you need a locksmith as soon as possible. This comes at a higher cost, especially if the call is after hours. However, when it’s an emergency – it’s an emergency. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and find a emergency locksmith fast.

Locked out of your apartment?

Locked out of your car?

Call a  24/7 emergency Taskforce locksmith on 13TASK – Anywhere in Australia, from Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth, to the smallest rural towns.

Commercial Locks

Keeping large areas secure can be quite a formidable task. All office and workplaces require a system of locks that is easy for all staff to use, but equally secure and reliable. Organising a complete lock system requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. It also establishes the continued safety and security of your business – something very much worth investing in.

So what are some of the things that need to be considered when buying and implementing locks?

Can I buy a set of locks that open with the same key?

Yes, you can. You can purchase a collection of locks that open with the same key. It is important to remember, however, that is the security of the locks are compromised, all locks will need to be replaced.

Can I repair on old lock?

Most of the time you cannot. This is to prevent tampering and security threats.

What is a left handed door?

To determine if a door is referred to as left or right handed, stand outside of the building, looking in. The hand that you use to open the door going into the building can be used to refer to the kind of door it is.

Keys Locked in Car

Locking yourself out of your car – the ultimate error. How embarrassed do you feel when you see your keys on the drivers seat, having just shut the door?

Calling a locksmith is the best way of solving this problem. They are able to open all kinds of locks without doing any damage to the lock itself, or the mechanisms inside it.

Although there is plenty of advice online about how to break into your car if you’ve managed to lock yourself out, this risks damaging your lock or your car. Modern cars have much higher security and can’t be opened without a key anyway.

Let’s look at some common concerns people have about car doors and locksmiths.

I have an electronic key – can a locksmith help me get into my car?

Yes, they can. An electronic key is harder and more expensive to replicate. It make take longer, but a locksmith can help you out.

I’m locked out of my car, and locked my keys inside. How can I open it?

Some older cars can be opened using string or a coat hanger. However, as we’ve mentioned, this can be damaging to your car.

Taskforce has car locksmiths available across Australia – Give them a call on 13TASK for car locksmith assistance anywhere from Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth to the smallest rural towns.