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The most dreaded insect is probably the wasp. These terrifying creatures are capable of repeated stinging. Although a single wasp is generally peaceful, if you come by a swarm of hive, wasps can be more hostile and can attack in numbers.

If you find that wasps have established a hive on or near your property, you need to have them removed. This is not a task that can be done DIY. You will need to hire somebody with experience dealing with wasp hives.

Wasps, when provoked or threatened, easily become aggressive. Swarming wasps can cause extreme injury to people, especially if you have an allergic reaction to them (and many people do). They can also attack animals and pets, which is most often a fatal encounter.

If you have any questions, call a pest controller. They can tell you how to tell if there is a hive near you, what to do if a wasp stings you, and how to best remove a wasp hive.

A Taskforce pest controller will not only remove a wasp colony from your property, but will also wasp-proof your property to prevent an infestation re-occurring. Call Taskforce at any time of the day or week on 13TASK to speak to an Australian pest controller, wherever you need one.


The dreaded termite is on of the most destructive pests there is. Termites, as well all know, eat away at wood and make buildings unstable and unsafe. So how do you get rid of termites? How can you tell if there are termites in your home or office? How can you reverse the damage done by termites?

These are all important questions best addressed to a qualified pest controller. Every case of infestation is unique and requires the experience and know how of a seasoned pest controller. Depending on the extent of your infestation, the fix may be relatively cheap and quick, or may be more costly and thorough.

Pest controllers not only exterminate populations of pests, but also pest-proof your house to prevent re-infestation. Most pest controllers even offer year long guarantees that your house will not be infested by termites again.

At their worst, termites can ruin your building’s support. This makes it a dangerous place to live or work. It also means that the cost to fix the problem will be big – hiring a carpenter to cut out and replace, even rebuild part of your building is not a small thing. Invest in a pest controller instead and fix the problem before you need to do a major overhaul of your building.

Taskforce has pest controllers available Australia wide. From all of the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, to the smallest Aussie town, Taskforce has you covered.


Bees are an important part of our eco system. They keep our gardens healthy, provide us with honey and allow plants and vegetation to grow. Bees are a sign of a healthy garden, but as well know; they can sting, too. Bees don’t belong indoors and if they find their way into a home or office, they need to be removed. Particularly if the start a hive near of in a building, bees can be very disruptive, damaging and dangerous. Pest controller know the correct method of removing bees without causing damage to your property or doing more damage than necessary to the bees. Sometimes, it is even possible to safely relocate the beehive. This is not a simple task and there is really no DIY method of removing bees.

Taskforce has pest controllers who specialize in the removal of bees available Australia wide, from major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane to the smallest rural towns. Call them on 13TASK.


Everybody knows how easy it can be to end up with ants. How many times has your mother told you ‘put that away or there’ll be ants!’

Your mother was right; ants are very easy to attract. Because they are so small they can find very small entry points into your house to send scouts to look for piles of accessible food. Often, you wake up to a trail of organized ants in your kitchen.

Getting rid of ants requires them to be removed, and their access points shut off. There are a wide range of different kinds of ants, some of which are more aggressive or unpleasant than others. All ants, no matter how harmless, are better off outside and separate from your domestic life.

Because ants are such a common problem, a lot of makeshift remedies are shared around. They are relatively easy to remove with soapy water and a disposable wipe. But if you find that ants are reoccurring, call a pest controller on 13TASK to be put in touch with a pest controller anywhere in Australia.


Cockroaches are often considered one of the most unpleasant pests there are. They also have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to remove – they are survivors. So how do you remove cockroaches? How bad is a cockroach infestation? Can you prevent cockroaches from coming back?

Pest controllers have the experience and expertise to answer all of your questions. They are also able to control cockroach infestations by exterminating existing cockroaches and preventing their reentry into the home or office.

Whilst there are available DIY methods of removing cockroaches, these methods offer only a temporary solution. Hiring a professional pest controller will ensure that you are protected from future infestations, too.

Taskforce has pest controllers all over Australia and can be contacted 24/7 on 13TASK.

Pre Purchase Inspection

When buying a home, it is important to ensure that the place is in good condition. This means you need to check that it is free of pests. You should look into this before you commit to buying a home. Pest controllers can conduct thorough pest inspections to ensure that the property and building are free of pests. They can also recommend preventative actions and let you know how much risk there is that the property may become infested in the future.

Taskforce has pest controller Australia wide (All major and minor cities and town including Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane etc).

Possums and rodents

Possums are wonderful creatures from a distance, but they don’t make for great room mates. Their nocturnal behaviours can be very noisy. If you have a possum in your attic, you will know about it at night, when their movements and scratchings vibrate through the walls.

Possum also have very aggressive and unpleasant mating calls. Aside from all of these disruptive abilities, having possums in or near your home or office can be damaging, dirtying and create larger problems later on.

Will you kill the possum?

No, we won’t. Possums are protected by law. We will move the possum to a safer place within a 25 metre radius from the point it has been caught. Possums are territorial and will not survive after displacement.

Will the possum get back into my roof?

We seal up all existing holes that allowed the possum to get into your home. Pest controllers not only remove pests, but also prevent their reentry.

Possums can get caught in wiring, can die in your walls or roof, and also leave waste everywhere. Removing a possum with a pest controller is humane and sensible. Call one on 13TASK, where pest controllers are available Australia wide, from the biggest major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin etc.) to the smallest rural towns.


Most of us are afraid of spiders. We certainly don’t want them in the house or around our family and pets.

Whilst most spiders are harmless to you health, they aren’t welcome in the home or office. The problem with spiders is that there is a wide range of species, and each prefers and thrives in different environments. If you have a moist, dark basement, there may be certain spiders living there. But if you have a dry, bright space like a living room, there will be other species likely to live there too.

Some spiders are highly venomous or poisonous. To ensure the safety of you, your family and your pets, it’s a good idea to call a pest controller if you see spiders. A pest controller will remove existing spiders but also make an effort to minimise the risk of the spiders reentering the home or office.

Taskforce has pest controllers Australia wide, in all of the major cities and all of the smaller towns. From Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart & Canberra to every single other town in Australia. Call 13TASK.


Fleas are more unpleasant than you might first think, and can come into the home more secretly than expected. Fleas live on animals and drink their blood. Pets are often likely to get them, but rodents may also have fleas that they can bring into your home.

We’re not going to get rid of our cats and dogs – we love them! They don’t want to have fleas any more than we do and we certainly don’t want them to pass them on to the rest of the family. Not only are fleas unpleasant, they are also unhealthy and may be passed on to others.

A major problem with fleas is that they may spread their eggs and larvae around the house. Removing a flea infestation requires very thorough treatment – they need to be removed from hair and bodies, removed from furniture and the home environment, and they need to be killed themselves. It is then necessary to arrange your house to defend against flea infiltration.

A good pest controller will take care of all of these things. Taskforce has pest controllers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra – all of Australia’s major cities and all smaller towns too!

Rats and Mice

It can be tough to keep a pristine environment at home. If you have kids, crumbs will go all over the place. If you work all day, you’re not going to have time to clean properly. If you’re a bachelor, you’re probably going to let you place get a little crusty. But even if you keep a super tidy place, there’s still the possibility that you’ll end up with rats or mice.

Rodents are survivors, and they’re good at finding places to live. They dirty and unpleasant and often find places to live in your walls and roofing. If you hear them moving around at night, the chances are that you’ll eventually see one run through your living room.

Act fast and hire a pest controller. Pest controller do more than just extermination. They will get rid of your rats and mice, but also close over any points of entry that the rodents may have been using. Many pest controllers offer a guaranteed period over which they can ensure you that rodents won’t return.

Taskforce has pest controller across Australia. Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra – all of the major cities and all of the small rural towns too.