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Hard Drive Installation, Repair and Replacement

Sometimes, through general usage, computers can break down ad their hard drives can become outdated, corrupt or slow. You might need to upgrade your hard drive to make you computer run faster or to give you computer more space for storage.

If you need to do this for a single computer, it should be a quick fix. Even then, it might be a difficult DIY project and will take some extensive knowledge of computers and their operating systems to do successfully. Installing a hard drive is about much more than just plugging it in to your computer. You will also need to run software and install an operating system to work with.

If you are replacing, upgrading or repairing more than a single hard drive, the job will be a lot bigger. If you need to do something for an entire office, you will most likely need to hire an entire IT team.

Taskforce has computer technicians and professional across all of Australia from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide to the smallest rural town.


Some problem they can solve that may be caused by malfunctioning hard drives are:

My computer won’t start.

I can’t access my files.

My computer has slowed down.

My files are corrupt.

Computer Network Setup

Setting up a computer network is never easy. Of course, the larger the network needs to be, the more complex your task will be. If you’re setting up a computer network for an office, that needs to allow multiple computers accessing wi-fi, wireless printing and direct exchange of files, as well as a hosting server, you’ll definitely need to hire an expert. But even if you want to set up a small home network, you’ll likely run into problems that will be difficult to solve without proper knowledge of computers and networking set ups.

What people often forget is that simple home networks are only one of a large variety of different methods of installing computer networks. Which is most effective will depend on your individual needs. For this reason, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional so that they can choose the option that most suits your needs.

Taskforce as computer technicians Autralia-wide, from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide to the smallest rural town.

Virus protection and removal

Virus protection is becoming an increasingly large problem. There are a large range of different kinds of malicious programs that aim to infiltrate and infect your computer, damage or corrupt your information, or steal funds and data from you.

Computer viruses often slow your computer down enormously, or force advertisements to pop up onto your screen without your permission. Viruses usually come from unsolicited emails, even if they are official looking, or come with programs that are downloaded from the internet.

Hire a computer technician and IT expert to have them clean out your computer, restore its security and functionality.

Taskforce has computer technicians across Australia and their phone line is open 24/7. Call now on 13TASK.  

Laptop Screen Repairs

Broken laptop screen? Breaking or cracking a screen is terrible. Your laptop might continue to function, but a cracked screen makes it much more difficult to use and makes it less attractive. You can buy replacement screen online, but they can be relatively difficult to install yourself. If you’ve cracked or damaged your laptop screen, the best thing to do is take it to a computer service store, or call 13TASK to speak to a computer technician. They can solve all kind of problems. Their expertise ranges from software problems to hardware problems for all kind of models of laptop.


How much does it cost to repair a laptop?

Laptop repairs depend on the extent of the damage and the model of laptop. In all instances, it will be more affordable to have your laptop repaired than to buy a new one.


Taskforce has computer technician across Australia, from Melbourne, Perth, Darwin & Sydney to the smallest rural town. Call them on 13TASK.

Corporate IT services

At the best of times, computers can be frustrating to deal with. Sorting out your own laptop can sometimes make you want to hurl your computer out the window.

So when it comes to installing computers & computer systems, or trouble shooting large computer networks, you’ll need to get in a professional.

These days, complex computer systems are a staple of running a business. The computer is the centre piece of the modern office. But if you don’t have enough money to have an in-house computer IT team (or don’t need to hire anybody full time) it’s best to hire professional IT teams to do your installation and troubleshooting for you on a project-by-project basis.

Taskforce computer experts will sort out all of your needs -  computer networking, computer repair, IT troubleshooting, modem set up, wifi network installation, external storage, back ups, computer security and more.