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Automotive Services

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What are some great ways to update my car?

There are some simple things you can install into your car to make it a little more interesting. Solar panels can be placed externally to run appliances in the car or to store a charge. GPS navigators also make your car a little more comfortable and enjoyable to drive.

Why are some cars' headlights so bright and white?

Super white and bright car headlights are made up of a lot of small LED lights. LED lights cast a much cleaner and reliable light. They also use less energy and break less often. Most modern cars will have these kinds of lights rather than the old-fashioned bulb lights.

How much does it cost to install a car DVD player?

This depends on the quality of the player and the point of installation. If you are buying a new car, you can ask to have a DVD player pre-installed. Pre-installed DVD players cost from $300 to $2,000. You can also install DVD players and monitors in existing cars by attaching them to the seat heads or mounting them to the car’s ceiling. These are much cheaper and will usually cost less than $1,000.  Hiring an automotive technician will ensure you get the highest quality equipment for the most reasonable price and will ensure that everything is installed correctly.

How can I update my car's sound system?

Upgrading to a higher quality of speaker is the most obvious way to do this. You can also upgrade your system to enable blue tooth syncing so that you can play music from your devices wirelessly. A sound system like this also allows you to take calls through your car speakers.

Can you install reversing cameras into an old car?

You can buy kits for cars that were not manufactured with pre-installed reversing cameras. It can be difficult to install these correctly, particularly when it comes to mounting the cameras and it is worth paying for an automotive technician to install them properly.