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Household Services

Household Services

Antennas and TV Reception

Will I need an antenna for my digital television?

Digital televisions still use antennas. In fact, they require antennas that pick up a larger range than older analogue televisions. Bringing in a professional ensures you get the right antenna, installed correctly.

Do you install phone and Internet cabling?

Yes, we do.

Is it worth getting somebody to set up my new television?

A lot of people set up their televisions using trial and error. Although this might get the job done, it usually won’t give you the highest definition or most energy efficient results. Particularly if you have an expensive sound system, it’s worth having a professional install your television for you.

Appliance Issues

My oven's temperature is off slightly. Can I calibrate it?

Yes. Most models allow you to do this. The exact method will be different for each different model and you should refer to your owner’s manual.

Why is my fridge leaking water?

This may be caused by a faulty seal. If a fridge is not sealed properly, the freezer compartment may thaw, leaking water through the fridge and eventually out the bottom.

Why is my refrigerator becoming less efficient?

This may be due to build up on the condenser coils of the refrigerator. These should be routinely serviced once every six months, either by a professional or by hand, to avoid any problems. If left unchecked, it is possible for further damage to be done to the compressor.

Why is my dryer not producing heat?

This is often caused by a flipped circuit breaker. Locate and check the circuit breakers to make sure your dryer is getting the correct amount of electricity. Because the heating and tumbling mechanisms are on separate circuits it is possible for one to be fully functional without the other.

Why does my dryer take so long to dry?

This problem is usually caused by a kink or some kind of damage in the vent tubing running to the dryer. If no permanent damage has been done, the tubing can be repositioned. Otherwise, you may need to replace the tubing.

Can a repair person locate and buy required parts on my behalf?

Absolutely. A repairperson will sort out the entire repair process, from diagnosis through to full reparation.

What kind of appliances can a repairman service?

Any kind of regular household appliance, or even a workplace appliance can be serviced. Repairmen and women have a working knowledge of a wide range of appliances that they can apply to all kinds of service requests.  

Cooling Systems

How much needs to be done to install a cooling system?

This depends on which kind of system you want installed. If you go for a simpler air conditioning unit, you will need to find a location that allows circulation and accounts for the external unit that will need to be installed.

Why is cold air coming out of the air conditioning unit when I set it to heat the room?

Air that is warmer than room temperature can often feel cool when it blows directly onto skin. This is because body temperature is so high. The best solution is to avoid standing directly beneath the flow of air and waiting for the entire room to heat up.

Why is the indoor fan of my air conditioning unit constantly running?

If your fan is constantly running, it’s most likely that you have switched the fan to ‘on’ rather than automatic. Switching the fan on will ensure that air circulation is constant.

Heating Systems

Should I install a programmable thermostat?

A programmable thermostat is a great idea. Thermostats prevent any excess energy usage or wastage, and also allow you to set your heating system up to warm your house before you arrive.  

Some of my rooms are being heated more than others. Why?

Uneven heating is often due to blockages or breaks in ducts and heating channels. If this happens, it’s best to hire a professional to perform maintenance on your system and repair any faults or damage.

How much needs to be done to install a heating system?

This depends on which kind of system you want installed. If you go with a ducted heating system, ducts need to be set up that direct the flow of air through your house to each of your rooms. 

Home Automation Systems

What is home automation?

Home automation allows you to set up all of your appliances and devices in your house so that you can access and control them from a smart device like a phone.  Home automation allows you to have greater control and security in your home.

Is there a way to simplify my home system?

Yes. Most home entertainment systems are made up of a variety of individual brands and devices, which results in the notorious build-up of remote controls. It’s possible to swap to a universal remote, which can control all of your devices. Over time, it’s also possible to end up with redundant cords or even entire devices attached to your television that you don’t need.


I know a locksmith can open existing locks. Can they also install lock systems?

Yes they can. Locksmiths can work with you to find out which system is most appropriate for your needs and install them to your specifications.

Can locksmiths help with motorcycles?

Absolutely. Anything that has any kind of lock at all can be serviced by a locksmith. Motorcycles require keys to start, but may also have lockable compartments attached to them.

Should I install a master key system?

Master key systems are extensive and can be expensive to install, repair or change. If you have a large number of different locks and need equal access to them all, then master key systems are good. Places like hotels and school may consider this option. 

Can key duplication cause problems?

If a duplicate key is not made well, it can damage the lock and make it harder for all keys to open.

What is an original key?

The original key is, as the name suggests, the key that the lock comes with. This key will be the most effective at opening your lock. It’s a good idea to put this key aside so you can make duplicates from it.

Security Systems for Home and Office

Will my pets trigger the motion detectors and set off an alarm?

If you have pets in your household, you can install pet-immune motion detection security systems. These will respond only to movement and heat signals that match human behaviour.

If my Internet or electricity goes out, will my security system fail?

Usually not. This depends on the kind of security system you have installed. All surveillance systems will back up the footage they record, and many are able to operate independent of the house electricity supply or internet.

What should I do if my house has been broken into?

The first point of action is to ensure the safety of everybody in the house. Ensure you know where all of your family members are. You should then call the police and file a report. Take photos of evidence and do not move things around unless the police advise you it is okay to do so. You will also need to contact your insurance company.

Will a security system reduce the cost of my insurance?

This is difficult to know, but security systems often do lower the price of home insurance, often as much as twenty per cent.

Can I monitor my security cameras when I'm out of the house?

Home automation allows you to do this. You can access your in-home security camera footage via a smart device like an iPhone, as long as you have access to Internet.

Do I need a permit to have an alarm system?

If you have you security system set up to trigger an automatic response (from the police or a private security company), you may need a permit. If your system is set up to trigger an alarm, it is unlikely you will need a permit.

I rent. Should I get a security system?

Renters have as many valuable belongings as homeowners, and are often at higher risk of a break in. A security system is definitely worthwhile and, because they add to the value of a property, are likely to be approved by a land lord.

Do I need a home security system?

This depends on how well secured your house is and the level of risk in your neighborhood. The security of your property and belongings, and the safety of your family is priceless. Installing a security system is a one-time cost and comes at a relatively low price.