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I am interested in a Taskforce franchise, Where do I get more information?

You can get all the information you need on our franchisee website and you can watch a great Information Session presentation by watching the video below.


How do I choose a carpet cleaner?

There is much more to carpet cleaning than many consumers think and finding the right carpet cleaner witht the right tools and training is very important.

Severe damage can be done to your household carpet by a carpet cleaner without the correct training.


Can Taskforce supply and install a hot water unit?

Yes Taskforce can supply and install a hot water unit at your home or commercial property.

Our suppliers Tradelink and Lawrence and Hanson can supply the right unit depending on whether a solar, electric or gas unit suit your conditions best.

Do I get a discount if I use more than one service?

We are currently working with a rewards program to ensure regular customers of our services are rewarded.

Stay tuned as we aim to have an announcement about this in the coming months which will provide true savings or rewards in return for loyalty.


What hours does Taskforce operate?

You may book a job via the Taskforce website or by calling 1-3-TASK (13 82 75), 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Individual Taskforce franchisee operating hours may vary.

How large is Taskforce's network?

Taskforce is one of the fastest growing franchise groups in Australia, with new franchisees being welcomed on board daily. We are a national service network that is focused on covering every inch of Australia in a vast majority of trades & services. 

How are Taskforce representatives vetted before becoming a franchisee?

Each Taskforce franchisee must pass a police background check prior to being on boarded. All Taskforce franchisees are licensed & insured, where required by Australian laws.

What happens when I ring 1-3-TASK (13 82 75)?

After you ring 1-3-TASK, simply enter your postcode & clearly state the trade or service that you require. The Taskforce phone system will then connect you directly to our local area franchisee to quote & complete the job for you.

How do I check my smoke detector is active?

All smoke detectors should have a test button and be connected to mains power and although they are meant to beep as a battery is going flat there are several reasons why this may not occur and you should check the alarm manually.

To check the alarm manually look for the test button on the alarm and hold. Smoke Alarm Button

If there is no alarm than you should check both the battery and that the alarm is connected to the household power.

If after replacing the battery there is still no sound you may have a faulty alarm and should replace immediately.

If your alarm isn't connected to mains power it is highly recommended that you seek someone to install a smoke alarm properly.

What licences do your franchisees require?

All Taskforce franchisees are required to have the relevant licences and qualifications for their trade or service in their state.

You are well within your right to request to see the licence before any tradesman starts work in your house or workplace.

Can a windscreen crack be repaired?

Yes cracks can be repaired and a qualified windscreen repairer will be able to tell you whether the crack or chip you have can be successfully repaired.

Car won't start and makes a clicking noise when I turn the key?

This is usually a starter motor issue and a qualified Auto Electrician will be able to give you the correct advice here.

Do I need a Handyman or a Tradesman?

A handyman can do many of the odd jobs you needs around the home.  Things such as picture or mirror hanging, tiling repairs, basic cabinetry, plastering repairs and small painting tasks.

For jobs that require wiring, structural woodwork, water piping or large areas of plastering or painting you need to have a tradesman to complete the work.

Handymen are great when you need several jobs done around the house that don’t fit into the above categories whereas as a tradesman is set up for the more complex or large jobs and often it just isn’t viable to get a tradesman around to hang a picture up or paint a small section of wall.

My car is surging when driving down the highway?

This could be one of many things such as a fuel system blockage or an electrical fault.

What happens after I log a job here on the website?

Once you have filled in the job details the job is logged into our system and then assigned to the nearest franchisee that can contact you to complete the job.

In the future if you wish to just call one of our trademen you can simply dial 13TASK (138275), enter your postcode and clearly state the trade or service and once again you will be connected directly to the nearest franchisee for the trade or service you require.

Phone System

How do I know if I need a plasterer or a handyman?

A handyman can do many of the plaster repair and re-painting jobs however if the job is substantial and not a repair it is highly recommended to hire a professional plasterer and painter who are more equiped for larger jobs.