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Gardening Services

Gardening Services

Garden Design and Care

How do I choose the right plants?

Nurseries that sell plants and seeds will have knowledgeable staff who understand which plants are most suited to your local climate. Most seeds are also sold in packaging that have clear instructions as to where the plants are best suited.

Should I prune my fruit tree?

Yes. The best time to prune your fruit trees is in autumn, just after fruiting. Proper pruning will encourage the growth of flowers, and therefore fruit, later in the year.

Are bugs good or bad for my garden?

Certain bugs are good, others are bad. Generally, bugs that are found in the soil are good for your garden’s ecosystem. Even bugs that look vicious, like centipedes and praying mantis, are great predators and will keep away bad insects that can damage your garden.

Bugs that are found on your plants may be damaging them, and are less likely to be good for your garden.

How can I protect my plants from frost?

Australian climates can be unpredictable, and the cold seasons can damage plants with frost. The simplest way to protect plants is to lay down a row of bales of straw. These act as a wall that protects plants against wind and frost. If you have access to a large pane of glass, you can lay this over some bales of straw to create a temporary enclosure for your plants.

What will a professional gardener do when setting up a new garden?

This depends on how much needs to be done, or how much you want to have done. A complete service can include landscaping, testing and preparing the soil, establishing proper irrigation and planting plants.

Lawn Care

How low should I set the blades when cutting my lawn?

One of the most common errors is to ‘scalp’ your lawn; to cut it too low. If you set your mower to its closest setting, you’ll cut away the nice grass but leave close-to-the-ground weeds intact.

How do you mow a very large lawn?

If you need to mow something large like a field, it’s best to hire somebody. They have all the right equipment and are able to do the work cost effectively. Industrial lawn mowers can be bought, but they are expensive to purchase and maintain.

Can a professional lawn mower also take care of my weeding/trimming?

Absolutely. Professional lawn mowers can do anything related to removing unwanted plant matter. If you need your garden beds tidied up, or if you want the weeds removed, a professional lawn mower can do that for you.

What kind of equipment do I need to keep my lawn well manicured?

A lawn mower will cover the majority of your lawn. If you have a very large lawn, it may also be worth investing in a ride-on lawn mower. A whipper-snipper can also be used to take care of the trims of small lawns and garden beds.

Why isn't my lawn mower working?

Lawn mowers are mechanic and use combustion engines. They can break down for almost as many different reasons as a car. Most often, a non-starting lawn mower has a problem with the carburetor or with the fuel lines.

How often should I have my lawn mowed?

If you need your lawn to look professional and tidy, you can have it mowed twice a month in summer, and three times a month during winter. The more often you mow, the easier the rest of the garden will be to maintain. For domestic lawns, it’s usually okay to mow less often. If the grass grows higher than 10 centimeters, get out the lawn mower.

Tree Lopping

I have a tree that is blocking a passageway. Can you remove it without damaging the gate it has grown around?

Yes. We have years of experience in obstruction removal and can do this without damaging your property.

I am wanting a tree removed. Can you cut it into firewood or mulch for me to use?

Yes, we can. We can also take care of removal of trees that you don’t want to use.

Can you remove tree stumps?

Absolutely. We have equipment designed specifically to grind down left over tree stumps.

There is a large tree that I am worried about. Do you do tree safety?

Yes, we do. We have years of experience and know when a tree is likely to be dangerous to you or your property. We can perform inspections and take the necessary precautions to ensure that any tree-related hazards are removed from your property.

Can you give me a quote for tree removal over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. Quoting for tree removal can be difficult. The wide range of sizes, locations and type of tree makes it necessary for us to visit the site before we can give a quote.

What kinds of jobs are covered?

We do everything related to trees, from planting & maintaining, to removal and mulching.