Taskforce Energy Upgrade

Under our Taskforce Energy Upgrade program, we are collaborating with Opt Energy, an energy equipment and solutions company which focuses on supporting the Australians in their transition to a cost effective and environment friendly energy scheme

Taskforce is helping Opt Energy and its other VEET accredited energy provider companies with their energy upgrade activities which are carried under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target program

Customer just need to fill up a form and our providers will decide for which energy upgrade program that they are eligible

With our workflow, we are eliminating the need of door-knocking and other tedious approaches to determine the energy upgrade eligibility of properties

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, our workflow ensures that more and more Australians participate in state rebated energy upgrades scheme by introducing a safer, more convenient and more elegant workflow.

Please note that Taskforce Australia is not directly working under VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) program but it is collaborating with VEET accredited energy providers companies.