Why Go Green On Plumbing

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If there’s one aspect in your home that has a considerable potential to go green, it’s your plumbing. Green plumbing is the top trend in home remodeling these days because it trims down energy costs and creates a healthier dwelling. Plus, it’s friendlier to the environment.
I know there’s a torrent of information regarding green remodeling out there, and it can be hard for most homeowners to absorb everything and to decide which solutions to implement. So I’ve gathered the latest and the most accurate advice on making your plumbing another shade greener.
The Cost of Green Plumbing
Before we dive into the details, let’s talk about what concerns most homeowners when remodeling is being discussed: the cost. It is a common misconception that going green is pricier than the conventional course. Yes, you will have to buy new stuff but you’ll eventually forget about the initial cost. If you’d compute the reduction in water usage and energy cost, you’d realize that it’s a brilliant investment.
Shrinking your utility bills is something, but it’s not even the whole real value of green plumbing. It is, in fact, just the tip of an iceberg. Going green with plumbing has more to offer than what numbers can reflect. Since this concept is easy on the environment, going green is protecting the world that your future grandchildren will inherit.
Here’s a roll of suggestions from experts on how to save money and protect the environment through some tweaks in the plumbing department:
Insulate pipes
A notable amount of heat is lost as water moves from the water heater to your faucets through un-insulated pipes. Wrap pipes, particularly those in the exteriors, to reduce the energy consumption of your water heater.
Don’t run plumbing on exterior walls
If possible, remove pipes that run around the exterior of your home. Put them in enclosed spaces instead to reduce their proximity to chilly temperatures that can cause heat loss.
Use an On-Demand Hot Water Circulation Pump

This equipment is a breakthrough in the green plumbing industry because it can help you save in two ways. Firstly, it will propel hot water to your faucet only when needed. This means unused hot water won’t sit in pipes and lose their heat. Secondly, given that you hot water will sent to the faucet in seconds you don’t have to run the cold water and watch it go down the drain--- therefore, a cutback in water usage.
Get a new water heater

Get rid of that rickety water heater that your grandparents bought a decade ago! New models are equipped with high-efficiency technology that shouldn’t miss.
Mount chlorine filters on showerheads
Chlorine can be taken up faster through the skin than through the intestine. This is why it’s not startling to know that many are suffering from chlorine sensitivity. You can reduce your exposure to this element by installing chlorine filters on your showerheads.
Install low-flush toilets

Do you know that 28 gallons of water are flushed away per day, per person? I don’t think we really need 28 gallons just to flush our toilets each day. Install low-flush toilets because they can flush effectively with less water.

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