What’s Better: The Tradie Life or a White Collar Job?

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Whilst the masses fight for boring, white-collar office jobs that force them to sit behind a desk from nine to five, I’m going to be here enjoying the sun, drinking a cup of tea. The trades jobs – from carpentry, plumbing & gardening to electrical work, mechanical work and building – are the new golden jobs. Tradies have it right, with a work-life balance and general approach to work that laughs in the face of the day-to-day stress of the pale, shaky, over-caffeinated office worker.

Here are the top five reasons a trade job is a dream job.

Mate’s rates

Tradies look out for each other. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. So if you have some kind of job you want to get done, giving a mate a call can get you a much cheaper price than any kind of civilizan has access to.  

Work outdoors

Office workers have brittle, vitamin D deficient bones than can snap in the evening breeze. This is because they spend all day indoors, hiding away from the sun, basking in the artificial glow of their computer screens. Tradies, on the other hand, get a full day of healthy sun, end up with a tan, and actually experiencing the changing of seasons.

Physical activity.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a gym membership when you can make it part of your work? A lot of tradies end up being very fit because the job demands it. A healthy life is a happy life, and keeping physically active is the perfect was to stay healthy.

Early knock off.

The early finish to the working day is a huge plus. That is, assuming you don’t mind the early starts. Tradies finish early and are able to beat the traffic rush hour, give themselves more leisure time, and spend more time with their family. And, with a tradie, when the work day is over, the work day is over. Office workers are often expected to take their work home with them, forgetting to turn off and enjoy the rest of their day.  

Make something.

Can an office worker really say that they’ve made something good, with their hands? More likely, they’ve spent an entire day formatting a nice spreadsheet. But a tradie can take a step back and be proud of their handiwork, and that feels good.

So let’s hope none of these suit-and-tie chumps catch wind of what they’re missing out on. While their all chasing after dreams of caviar, we’ll be enjoying the good life.

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