Weird & Exotics Fruits You Should Try Growing.

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Fruit that are sold in stores represent only a small portion of the fruit that can be grown in Australia. And despite how much we love the wonderful, fresh, familiar taste of a ripe apple, it seems like a terrible waste to never ever try all of the amazing others. For every plum, there’s some kind of exotic, strange fruit you’ve never heard of.


Exotic fruits are great for gardens, they’re usually beautiful, they’re a great talking piece, and a wonderful taste experience and they make your garden truly unique.


It can be difficult to find seeds and not all of the fruit listed below can be grown Australia-wide, but they’re all worth giving a go. Let us know how they work out for you!

The Chocolate Pudding Fruit –

AKA – Black Sapote.

When this fruit is perfectly ripe, the skin tastes like chocolate, while the flesh has a pleasant bitter taste.

The Lemon Meringue Fruit -

AKA Rollinia.

This fruit has a custard-like texture, much like a durian but has a sweet and lemony taste. The balance of creamy and sour tastes is unusual and unique.

Star Fruit –

AKA Carambola.

This can be found in some niche grocers in Australia. When sliced lengthwise, the fruit looks like a star. It has a light, refreshing taste – perfect for warm weather.


Loquat –

The loquat fruits twice a year, and requires little to no maintenance once established. Much like lemon trees, a loquat tree fruits later in life, so needs to be planted in advance.

The fruit has an orange skin and juicy, sweet flesh with seeds that look like they’re cast from bronze.

White Sapote –

This fruit taste is small – around the size of an apricot, and has a creamy vanilla custards taste.


Branch out from apples. Taste the wonders of the world and explore what the wide world of fruit really has to offer.

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