Top Five Tradie Fails

 Aug 20, 2015 Posted by  Cameron In Tradie LifeComment 0

Listen; most of the time, us tradies want to do the job well. We take pride in knowing what we’re actually doing and proving that we have our heads screwed on. Nothing gives you the same satisfaction as a job done bang on.

But things happen. Apprentices get in the way, you end up having to work with poor materials or you just aren’t having a good day.

Don’t get me wrong; as long as you’re working hard, I’ll give you a break. I know that nobody brings their A-game constantly. Mistakes get made.

But holy hell, these bozos mucked up.

A good tip for work and life in general is to think ‘if I continue doing this, how many people will die?’ If the answer is any more than zero, do something different.

Sometimes you get dodgy instructions. Sometimes you’ve just got to do your job and get out of there. Sometimes somebody else has done something that makes your job impossible. Sometimes you have to block a fire exit with some waste pipes even though you could lower them a foot and avoid the problem entirely.

DIY marketing. What better way to let people know you’re around than to smear left-over plaster on the side of your van like a two year old doing a craft project.

Safety first. Safeto duablo.

When you put a lot of time and effort into a job and it looks good, you want it to stay that way. Nobody wants some cock to walk all over it.

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