Secrets to A Speedy Computer

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If you lean a lot on the computer in terms of shopping, settling of bills, forwarding reports, booking tickets and making hotel and restaurant reservations, you’ll be delighted to be informed that there are various ways to speed this machine up. I know that a sluggish computer can keep you from accomplishing your today’s to-do list so I have listed down some techniques I personally use to stay in the fast lane:

Take advantage of the Microsoft Fix It

This tool is totally free so nothing should stop you from using it. It will identify and sort out simple problems for you.

Limit the Programs on Startup

If it takes your computer forever to start up, you should limit the programs that automatically run once you press the power button. Leave only those that are truly essential such as the Antivirus or Google Toolbar Notifier.  Just go to the Windows button, click “run” and key in “msconfig”. You’ll be presented with the “Startup” tab where you can customize what happens to your computer when you turn it on.

Get Rid of Programs that You Don’t Need Anymore

It’s time to remove those programs that were once very dear to us. Many people install new programs and applications and forget to delete the old ones which cause their computers to crawl. Go to the control panel; find the uninstaller tool and start letting go of the past.

Sweep Up Your Drive

Just like motor systems, a computer drive won’t be very efficient if it’s embedded with grim. Conduct a thorough clean up by accessing to the Disk Cleanup. You can find this tool by going to the “run” menu and keying the code “cleanmgr.exe”.

Move to Chrome

Upgrade to Chrome now. It has fewer bugs.

Clear Your Browser

Every piece of information stored in your computer is slowing it down. So, regardless of the browser that you have, a regular clean up is necessary. If you’ve move to Chrome already, clean it by clicking on the 3 bar icons positioned on the right corner of the window, click “Tools” and then click “Clean Browsing Data”. From there you can clear history boxes, cached items and cookies.

Hunt for Malware

Malware is one of the most notorious reasons for sluggish computers. It can be downloaded inadvertently so you really to regularly inspect your system and remove any malware present.

Schedule Regular Hunt for Spyware and Viruses

These could enter your computer without your knowledge, so it would be best to run a scan on a regular basis (say, weekly?).  Also, having multiple antivirus programs can decelerate your computer. Find the one that suits you the most and stick to it.


Many are not aware that excessive downloads and installations can cause “fragments” to “clog” the drive. Fortunately, the drive can be “defragmented” easily. If you’re computer takes it a lot from the web, it is advised to defrag more frequently.

Raise RAM Memory

This is probably the solution that crosses most people’s minds when they are faced with a sluggish computer. You may want to raise your computer’s memory so it can handle more work.

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