Secrets to A Smooth Spring Road Trip

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After a few months of crisp winds, dull colours and limited outdoor activities, you are certainly raging to go on a road trip this spring. Planning an enjoyable and stress-free jaunt can be a bit of an ordeal and that’s coming from somebody who’s been to dozens of spring road trips. You’ll be taking numerous stops and with each stop comes an array of tests. But I’m here to help you turn these tests into opportunities.

Decide How to Get There

You know where you’re exactly heading, but have you decided to how to get there yet?  Gauge the travel style of your companions before leaving to avoid being caught in a car with discontented for hours. I found two services that proved to be extremely helpful during the last road trip I took with my buddies:


Parks, museums and roadside attractions can be easily missed particularly if it’s your first time in taking a certain route. I recommend an app called OnTheWay which points out stops, cafés and interesting things along the way. If you’re bringing along kids, this app can help you prevent them from getting crabby!


If you’re travelling on a limited time and budget, Roadtrippers can lend a hand in getting the best out of the resources you have. This app shows directions based on Google Maps and allows you compute time, distance and fuel costs. Also, it can direct you to all the gas stations, restaurants, comfort rooms and lodges.

Be Flexible

One of the most important things I’ve learned from all those road trips I had is to keep the plans loose. Yes, you must have a plan but don’t be too serious about. Remember that it’s a vacation and not a surgery. No matter how meticulous the planning is, you must that some things will not go as planned. Bad weather, road constructions, traffic mishaps and many other incidents can slow you down or force you to skip some activities. Don’t worry because unexpected occurrences often make the best stories.

Get Your Funds Ready

It doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be enjoyable, we’ve talked about it. But it’s going to be miserable if you can’t get a cozy place to sleep in or if can’t get a taste of the cuisines that the place is known for. Apart from the fuel, meals and lodging, you have to get a solid budget for hidden expenses and emergencies. Try to visit travel sites and gather tips from those who have taken the route that you’re planning to take.

Tune Up Your Car

A car that hasn’t seen an auto-mechanic for months is a car that can cost you a lot. Avoid getting into any kind of road mishap by bringing the vehicle to an expert for a thorough inspection before the trip. This way, those that require immediate repair can be identified. You probably heard stories of vacationers who were forced to walk for miles because their cars broke in the middle of the highway.

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