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Pergola designs and patio designs can really make your backyard interesting. There are a lot of simple pergola kits available for purchase and a lot of really great pergola ideas that bring together simplicity and elegance. If you have a general grip on building wooden structures, you should be able to put something together that’s relatively impressive. Once you understand how to build a pergola, you can make modifications and adjustments to accentuate the character of your home.


Let’s look at some great pergola ideas.


Bamboo curtains –

Hang bamboo curtains down the sides of your pergola. Bamboo curtains look great and go well with earth tones. They are light and allow a breeze to flow through your pergola, but also offer privacy and shield from the summer sun if needed.


Grow ivy around you structure –

This is a pretty basic staple of pergolas. Allowing ivy to grow up your structure will fill it out with greenery. This will cast shade and keep you cool in summer. It matures with age, becoming more thick and closed off, affording you privacy and comfort. Make sure you plant a form of ivy that is safe and easy to control.


Put in some bedding –

A great way to make use of the coming warm weather is to set up some bedding under your pergola. A beautiful, soft doona, simple mattress and light sheet will give you the perfect place to relax in your down time over spring and summer. Try not to put anything in that is too heavy or difficult to move, as you may need to bring the bedding indoors in wet weather.


Put a vegetable patch up above!

In spring, when your garden is getting the perfect mixture of sun and water, lay down some mats in which you can sow seeds. As the sun and water hits your pergola, you can have fresh vegetables growing for you to pick and eat fresh.


Build it around a tree.

How can you improve a good pergola? Give it a centerpiece. A tree is the perfect thing to build a pergola around. You can even attach a table to it and work it into the structure of the pergola.


Pergolas and patios are meant to be fun, fresh spaces. Experiment with ideas and see what you can come up with.



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