Kitchen Ideas.

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The kitchen is a great communal space for the home. Family can gather around, help out and spend time together doing something productive; cooking.


But most kitchens are pretty bland and empty, filled up with appliances, but overlooking the general aesthetic. Kitchens should be a fun space where people feel invited to collaborate and create!


So let’s look at some great kitchen ideas.


Colander Lamp Shades.


This is a simple classic that’s super easy to install. Flip a colander upside-down, drill a hole in the bottom and use it as a lamp shade. Of course, ensure that the colander is installed correctly and safely (can’t have electricity running through metal!).

The great thing is the wide range of colours that colanders are now made in. You can get practically any kind of colour you need and match it to your kitchen. Alternatively, you can use an old, worn colander for a rustic feel.




This is a fun and easy way to make the details of your kitchen a little more interesting. Print a fake menu for your home. Fill it with inside jokes about the people who visit or live in your house. This is a great, simple way to make your kitchen a more lively place.


Hidden cabinets


Cabinets without handles or ornaments help to create a sense of space in your kitchen. They make your kitchen seem sleek and modern, but are still easy to use. Hidden cabinets can be gently pressed to open them, allowing you to access them even with your hands full (or covered in cake mixture!).


Install a Built-in Chopping Board.


Another great way to optimise your space is with a built-in chopping board. It also makes food preparation easier and more enjoyable. Built-in chopping boards also look great and you can install shelves underneath!


Make your kitchen a place you want to live in! Hopefully some of these ideas will give you some help getting started.

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