How to Get a Carpentry Job Done Without Hurting Yourself

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I’ve taken the DIY route many times before, for the book shelves in my son’s room, for the cabinet doors of our modest kitchen and for many other trivial repairs and installations around the house. And just like anybody who went did carpentry jobs without the right training, I earned some wounds and bruises and I blurted words of annoyance too. Safety is the major concern in the DIY world. This is because the lack of experience could place somebody in jeopardy. However, in this age where everybody is being forced into economy, sometimes we are forced to sort things out on our own. Since the DIY can be inevitable sometimes, I’ve gathered some guidelines to keep you from hitting your fingers with a hammer.

Know what you’re getting into.

When faced with a complex carpentry job, do not hesitate to ask anybody who is more knowledgeable. Carrying on with uncertainties could lead to unfortunate consequences. Also, do not overestimate your skills. If the task appears to require special skills and equipment, don’t go DIY.

Clear the area.

Put away everything that is not needed to get the task done. Unnecessary objects can cause delay and sometimes, mishaps. You’ll also be able to think clearly if all that you’re seeing are related to your goal.

Use tools correctly.

Only use the tools designed to help you accomplish specific things. Don’t try to innovate especially with electric-powered ones. Also, make sure they are in fine condition. Once you’re done, clean them and store them properly.

Keep it clean all the way.

Collect scraps and dispose the right away to avoid getting your tools covered with them. Make sure the aisles are clear to prevent tripping. Wipe out spills promptly.

Lift with your legs.

Bend your legs when trying to lift something to prevent your back from getting strained. If the load’s too heavy, ask for help. Use a dolly if necessary.

Look at what you’re doing.

Don’t work on anything while your eyes are staring elsewhere. Face a ladder when using it and hold it with both hands. Don’t try to overreach or overstep. Also, remove excess materials on scaffolds.

Wear your work clothes.

Remove your jewelry and keep it in a safe place. Keep your shoes low-heeled to avoid tripping hazard; if possible wear safety shoes. Put on short sleeves and if your hair is long, tie it back or wear a head cap. Make sure the gloves fit your hands very well. Depending on the job, you may have to wear a hard hat.

Be alert.

Read the instructions that come with any equipment. Pay attention to warning tags and signs and remember the emergency lockout procedures.

No practical joking.

No matter how small the carpentry job is, it is strongly-discouraged to pay practical jokes when working. These can divert your attention and cause grave injury.

Get first-aid promptly.

Cuts and scrapes should be treated right away to prevent infection. Find out the cause so the problem can be resolved and future accidents can be prevented.



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