How To Create A Backyard Zen Garden

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Everybody loves the beautiful minimalist look of Japanese zen gardens. They’re a wonderful ode to simplicity, and we’d all love to be able to achieve that in our own gardens. The hardest part is often holding back.
So let’s look at what is important for building a zen garden in this information sheet below.

Sumi – Balance – is all about making sure that things fit. A stone shouldn’t be too large or small, but just right.
Ma – Emptiness –is a good thing. Blank space helps guests appreciate the things you do decide to put in your gardne.
Sekku – snow blossoms – is something we don’t have in Australia, but this refers to the idea of letting nature affect your garden. Allow the seasons to change the way things look, don’t hide it.
Shizen – Nature – is the perfect model. Nature is beautiful, and you can use its example as a guide for how to design your garden.
Wabi – Uniqueness – refers to how interesting and one-of-a-kind an object is.
Sabi – Charm – is all about the character of an object. And old, mossy stone might have a lot of Sabi.
Miegakure – Hide and reveal – is all about the experience of dicovering a hidden garden.
These basic principles can guide you through the process of creating a really wonderful, delicate space.

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