How To Build A Simple Cubby House [WATCH]

 Oct 20, 2015 Posted by  Cameron In Backyard GardeningComment 0

Looking to knock together a cubby house or backyard fortress for the kids?
Sometimes it’s good to get an understanding of the basic framework so you can work around that to customise the project and make it your own.
Let’s look at some basic, important points;
Make Sure The Cubby House Is Lifted Above The Ground –
If your cubby house is sitting directly on the soil, it can soak up moisture and damage or rot the wooden flooring. Having the floor lifted up prevents this. A wooden packing pellet is perfect for this if you can hunt one down.
Make Sure The Roof Is Slanted –
As with all building, you want water to run off the roof. A full apex is slightly more difficult to build, so it’s often easier to just raise one end to give your roof a slant and prevent stagnant water.
Give Doors Room To Expand or Warp –
Cubby houses are made quick and cheap. Rough woods, when left out in the weather, are liable to warp or distort. If the door warps, it may become impossible to close. The easiest way to avoid this is to leave a space between the door and the surrounding frame.

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