Backyard Wedding Ideas

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Big, flashy, expensive weddings are becoming old fashioned. These days, we don’t want to commemorate our love for another person by dropping a load of cash into something that is supposed to be based on a foundation of love; the epitome of the best things in life. And we all know that the best things in life should are free. Spending huge amounts on a wedding can make it feel impersonal, and sometimes even makes it seem less important.
Hosting a backyard wedding is the perfect way of really celebrating your love for each other, without all of the bright lights and expensive catering.

Let’s have a look at some simple backyard wedding ideas that will make you memorable day that much more special.

Hang paper lanterns.
Some simple paper lanterns will look beautiful and give your bakyard a wonderful summery feel – the perfect atmosphere for a wedding.

Fabric drapery.
Some nice white farbic draped over a simple wood frame will give your yard a wonderful wedding feeling, fresh, pure, gorgeous.

Childhood Photo Clothesline.
Hanging a clothesline for you to pin up old childhood photos is a great idea. A lot of people go for backyard weddings because it’s the perfect reminder of where the bride or groom came from. It’s a great way to consider life as a timeline, moving forward and evolving. Childhood photos are a great way to do this, and will really help create a wonderful sense of emotional significance to the space.

Use your neighborhood.
What was your favourite place as a child? You might want to have the ceremony in a nearby forest or park that meant something to you as a child. This is a great way to find a place that looks beautiful but is also meaningful.
Backyard weddings are becoming more imporant as people begin to realise the importance of the the simplicity of love. Think about what ‘home’ is and what it means to you for a great backyard wedding.



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