Backyard Firepit ideas.

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Late-night outdoor fires are one of the simple pleasures of an Australian backyard. It’s the perfect place for people to spend time together in the refreshing outdoor air.


Let’s look at how to build a fire pit for your place.


Clear the area.

The first step is to organise. Where is your pit going to go? How large will it be? Make sure that it’s not too close to trees or anything that might catch fire.
Mow the grass around the pit and clear away any sticks or debris.


Lay down stones.

Buy some tiles and lay them down around the area for your fire pit. Alternatively, buy some stones to lay down on a circular pattern around the pit (or square or rectangular! It’s up to you).


Install/build the pit.

There is a wide range of available fire pits with a wide range of prices. A heavy metal fire pit works great and looks beautiful, but may cost quite a bit. A cheaper alternative is a simple stacked brick pit. This is quick and easy, but doesn’t look as great.
if you have access to a scrap metal warehouse (there are some around!) you might be able to find an old piece of machinery that will work well and look great.


Stock up on firewood.

What’s a fire pit without fire? You’ll need to stock up on burnable wood for your pit. You can use old plant material from your garden, but if it isn’t old, it might be too green and moist to burn.
It’s also possible to have a gas line running to your outdoor pit so you don’t need to start a fire manually. This gives a very modern look but requires professional installation and is more costly.





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