7 Most Common Plumbing Errors

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All homes experience plumbing problems, but it’s a different thing if you have to call a plumber almost every week. Plumbing systems aren’t 100% faultless, plus there’s the weather and quality of the hardware. But sometimes it is the homeowner’s doing—sometimes they’re just not conscious of the trouble that they are starting. You can save on repairs and thwart annoyance if you know what you shouldn’t do to your sink, to your toilet, to your faucet or to any plumbing fixture. If you’d rather spend your money on boxes of pizza, avoiding these common home plumbing mistakes is a good start.


1.Not Enough Room For Clean Outs

Clearing clogged pipes can be incredibly difficult if there room around clean outs is not enough. Many homeowners don’t realize the need for extra space around clean out until they have to deal with clogged pipes. If this is the case, you will have to take out the entire plumbing system.


2.Lack of Planning

Failing to plan your plumbing system is probably one of the direst mistakes you’ll do to your home. If you won’t deliberate with a professional as to how each square meter of your home should be used, you might end up with an uncomfortable outcome. Appliances and plumbing fixtures may not be spaced correctly. You certainly don’t want the toilet too close to the bathtub.


3.Installing Too Many Fixtures

While I understand that you want easy access to tap water, installing too many fixtures may not best action if the water pressure is low. If there’s too many fixtures, the problem with low water pressure will only get worse because water is pulled in various places. This is usual in populous areas, so if you’re living in a crowded place, try to limit the number of plumbing fixtures at home. Call a plumber to discuss the best places where the fixtures should be installed.


4.Throwing the Wrong Things Down the Drain

Sometimes people dump different sorts of things in the drain, thinking these will simply be softened or shoved by water. Next thing, the drain is blocked and you have to call a plumber. You have to be careful of the things you throw down the drain because some materials are too big for the drainage and become obstructions. If a simple drain cleaner can’t solve the problem, you will have to hire expert services.


5.Flushing Just Anything Down the Toilet

Things that cannot be softened easily by water shouldn’t be disposed in the toilet. And although people usually put toys, decors, office supplies and other things far from the bathroom, plumbers still encounter toilets clogged with bizarre things. They are common to homes with small children because the little tots tend to try to toss things in the toilet all the time. When inappropriate items are accidentally flushed, you may not be able to retrieve them and fix the clog without detaching the toilet.


6.Pressing a Leaky Faucet

The faucet will break if you push it too hard in order to turn it off. Many try to fix a dripping faucet by applying a vast amount of pressure on the handle, however, it’s not the correct solution. The pressure can break the handles and intensify the problem. Call a plumber if there’s a leaky faucet in your home. Faucets have lifespans too. You just have to replace it now.


7.Treating Plumbing Fixtures like Some Puzzle

Sometimes you have to take things to bits to figure out what’s wrong with them. It could be fun. But you have to know how to re-assemble them. Forgetting where every component must go after taking an item apart is another plumbing error. Without the right experience, this can turn into a real struggle. Call a plumber if you know your experience is limited, this will save you a few dollars.


What to Do To Prevent Costly Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing problems are not 100% preventable. There’s the occasional clogging of the sink, then leaky faucet and the ruptured pipes during winter. Various circumstances may lead to these kinds of problems so it would be nice to have some knowledge and skills on plumbing. But you must also know when the problem is beyond your capacity. When faced with a plumbing trouble and unsure of how to fix it, hire a qualified worker instead.

Incorrect treatment of the problem might only worsen the situation. Numerous homeowners have brought out hefty checks to fix a huge problem that had started from a trivial one. If you don’t want to spend more than you should, just make a call to a dependable plumbing contractor. To ensure that there are no hidden glitches that can kick your bills up or cause future hassles, ask the contractor to inspect the whole plumbing system of your home.


Have the necessary repairs done as soon as possible to prevent waste of water and inconvenience. Also, make sure that all hardware are of superior quality so you don’t have to replace them right away. If your home is still to be built, put in extra attention to the plumbing system. Never rush this part and make sure that all vital factors are taken into consideration.


Where to Get a Plumber

Call a plumber that has a good reputation. The recommendations from people you personally know are deemed more dependable than the reviews of unknown people online. If you can’t get a personal referral, come online and search for plumbing contractors within your vicinity. Try to be meticulous when choosing a contractor because there are lots of shady service providers out there who can’t even fix a dripping faucet properly. If it’s not an emergency, check out the list of their services. You’ll be glad to make business with a dependable contractor who offers a wide range of plumbing services. Also, try to compare their rates with other contractors. You might want to be economical but I urge you not to settle on dirt cheap rates because they often entail something disagreeable.

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