3 Top Plumbing Jobs That Should Be Left to Pros

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Now that you can get the procedures on making or building virtually everything from the internet, the do-it-yourself types have never been more confident with their undertakings. There are pictures and videos that can guide them when dealing with various home projects, including those that involve the plumbing system. However, unlike most tasks, the water and waste lines cannot afford even a minor deviation from the correct procedures. Else, you’ll face disastrous results. You must be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and hardware. Below are some of plumbing jobs that you should think of simply handing over to a master plumber in Perth:

Installation of New Electrical and Water Connections

We all know that electricity and water just don’t along (and will never get along). However, there are some areas in our homes where these two need to conduct business close to each other. I’m referring to home appliances that require electricity and water to function; these include the dishwashers, water heaters and electric bidets. You don’t have to be intermediary. You don’t have to put up the water and electrical connections on your own. If the mentioned appliances are already there, you’ll be facing a lighter work and less chances of plumbing disaster because the connections had been laid for you. If there’s a need to upgrade or swap, all that you have to do is shut the water and power and reconnect. But if any appliance that requires both water and power is still to be installed, just consider calling a master plumber in Perth to do the job.

What sticky situations await an inexperienced man? Plenty. Let’s take for example the case of the dishwasher (since it is one of the most common appliances that require electrical and water connections). Even though there already is an existing set up and you will simply swap if for a new one, installing intake and discharge lines without the right experience can lead to a flooded floor, hidden leaks that can damage the subfloor or electrical shock. Furthermore, many manufacturers void the warranty if the damage was caused by incorrect installation of a non-professional. So look for a master plumber in Perth now.


Installation of Large Bathroom Fixtures

Unless it’s just a simple replacement of a leaky toilet or drain cleaning, nearly any bathroom work that involves plumbing should be left to a plumber. His expertise isn’t limited to installing o changing bathroom fixtures, but also included detecting underlying problems. Minor bathroom glitches can become disastrous ones if homeowners don’t see them or don’t realize the catastrophe they might bring.

Let’s take for example this common DIY target which is bath tub installation. When you look at it doing it yourself seems to be a practical option, but things could get ugly once the water is turned on. Even if you are able to set the tub successfully without any evident harm to existing pipes, minor leaks can lead to mold growth, decay of the floors and walls and swelled up water bills. Better leave this matter to a master plumber in Perth.

If you want to install or change anything in your bathroom, better leave it on the hands of the pros. Apart from their wide knowledge on running the new plumbing and fixing the old, they also have the right equipment for the job.


Anything about the Sewer Line

From installation to repair to inspection, there’s nothing related to the sewer lines that untrained individuals should handle. A mistake of almost any degree could result to an awful mess that would make you regret why you just didn’t call a master plumber in Perth. But this foul and repulsive result cannot match the perils of sewer gases. The mess can be cleaned up (though it’s going to be real tough) but the release of sewer gases poses greater danger because they are poisonous and gases can’t be cleaned up.

You probably think that a gas leak can be detected right away because you will smell the gas. But the scary truth is sewer gas is sometimes undetectable by human nose. A cut along the line or a seal left unsecured can allow sewer gases to go out to the living space. You’ll only suspect there’s a leak once you or any members of your family (including your pets) start feeling ill. The best way to know if to confirm if there’s a leak or any issue in the sewer line is to let a master plumber in Perth to inspect it. Equipped with a gas detector, they can quickly identify a problem and administer solution, ensuring that you and your family don’t become a victim of a plumbing mishap.


What’s Left for You to Do?

There’s still room for your DIY spirit though. Replacing a shower head, fitting a new faucet, putting in a new toilet or swapping the old dishwasher with a glossy one and other small plumbing jobs can be accomplished successfully by a regular DYIer, provided that there’s a pre-existing set up for the water or power to flow through. Yet, given that these involve water, electricity and waste, they can still result to something terrible if directions are not followed carefully. If uncertain, just calls a master plumber in Perth. Below are several tips for a safe DIY plumbing experience:

  • Always know where the main water supply shut-off is to your home (call your local water utility company and they will show you where it is).

-Before you begin with any plumbing project, find the main water control and shut it off. If electricity is involved, shut off the power too.

-Prepare all necessary tools and materials. The most common tools are the auger, pipe benders, pipe cutters, pipe glue and pipe wrench. For the materials, you should have connectors, tapes, seals, glue and torch. You don’t want to leave your work to go the nearest hardware.

-If it’s a large project, make sure you’re not violating any local codes. Some projects are only allowed if they will be handled by a master plumber in Perth.



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