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Automotive Services

Taskforce has mechanics and auto electricians Australia wide ready to assist with all mechanical repairs for your vehicle.

Being broken down on the side of the road can be a pretty stressful situation and finding help at those times can sometimes be difficult.  Taskforce has franchisees willing to help at those difficult times.

Starter motors problems, flat batteries and alternators not recharging are some of the most common vehicles problems and will leave you stranded at home before an important meeting or at work when you want to get home to your family.

Calling 13TASK or logging the job here on the website will ensure you can get where you need to go.

Our Services

taskforce auto electrician doing a computer analysis on a vehicleOur services include:

  • Auto electrical analysis
  • Starter motor repairs
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Battery replacement
  • Car stereo installation
  • LED lights installation
  • Auto electrical faults
  • Oil leaks
  • Wheels bearing noises
  • Engine misfires
  • Car air conditioner service
  • Car air conditioner installation

Our Taskforce

Taskforce isn't just limited to Automotive services though with all building, home services, gardening, cleaning and professional services also catered for by our expansive network of members.

To register your business and potentially become a member please head to our franchisee site at

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